Inspiring People

Dana Roc produces programs that empower people to be productive, powerful, successful and happy. Her weekly content highlights courageous, creative risk-takes - a spirit she not only admires, but embraces - and author Michael G. Gabel is honored to be featured in this week's "Inspiring People" section. 

Dana said, "I am often impressed with the books and films and projects that I cover. I am inspired by the authors and filmmakers and advocates that I get to talk to feature on, but Michael Gabel has newly impressed and inspired me. His selfless dedication and commitment to change lives for the better, to support women in escaping abuse is incredible to me. He works hard and really expects nothing for himself in return, while intending and hoping that his efforts will make a difference in saving even one woman's life... Wow."

Dana and Michael's conversation explored how She Can Fly came to be, where it's headed, and how you can join the fight against domestic violence. Click here to read or listen to the full interview.