The No More Shame Project + She Can Fly

Shame is a way to push down, subvert and hide the truth. It's a way to avoid talking about the real issue. As the philosopher Peter Rollins says, if we talk about the crisis, only then does it become real. So better to just avoid the topic all together, right?


When it comes to sensitive matters, especially those matters involving the systematic abuse of another person, it is doubly important that we allow the crisis to be brought to light. We need to know what's really going on. And we need to hear it from the victim's mouth, not from those who might have a motivation to bend and minimize the truth. It's why Kerry decided to tell her story. Thankfully, she's not the only one. 

The good people who run the No More Shame Project have begun compiling a list of stories that are "either written by survivors of abuse or are a resource for those who are feeling trapped in an abuse situation." It takes more than a single point of light to illuminate such a dire issue, and we are proud to have She Can Fly featured amongst the other brave voices.

Check out the project here:

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