Throwback to She Can Fly's Kickstarter

The Wall Street Journal published a very interesting piece yesterday on the success rates of Kickstarter campaigns. They found that across all project categories those projects founded by women were markedly more successful in reaching their funding goals than those founded by men.

She Can Fly reached it's target of $6,000 back in February and it was that capital that launched the book in all its forms, as well as the non-profit platform you're reading right now. As has been the case with this project from the start, I'm not exactly sure which category Kerry's story fits into (since she's the subject and a woman but I'm the author and a man) but it's great news for enterprising women nonetheless!

Here's the video that helped push us over the funding threshold, and a wonderful comment left on YouTube below. 

"I started reading it like a week ago. It's such a wonderful book, I am going to tell everyone I know to read it. I think it does such an incredible job of demonstrating just how difficult it truly is to escape an abusive relationship. Anyone who hasn't been through it themselves, struggles with one question in particular, "why didn't she just leave?" Reading this will be eye opening to so many."

-Heaven Aden